Tai Chi in the Park


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Infirmary Mound Park
4351 Lancaster Rd, Granville

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Meet at Shelter 3. Drop in for this enjoyable class of simple, easy to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices in the beautiful setting of Infirmary Mound Park. The exercises, in this introductory course, are gentle, repetitive, and very easy to follow. Tai Chi is usually a series of movements, whereas Qi Gong is individual, repetitive movements. We will learn some of each discipline. The key to our practice is slow, mindful movement. Slowing down the body, slows down the mind. Mindfulness is a natural byproduct of this moving mediation. In this face paced world, the benefits of mindfulness are many. Tai Chi and Qi Gong also provide gentle stretching and range of motion to the muscles and joints of the physical body, and participants will quickly notice an improvement in their balance, and a lift in their mood.

Cindy has been teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga for over five years now. She lives in Newark with her husband Ron. Cindy is a retired cardiac nurse and finds blending her Western Medical knowledge with the ancient Eastern practices to be the perfect fit in her life. She loves to introduce these ancient practices to beginners and watch the smiles come as her students experience first hand the peace and serenity that just seem to happen naturally while one learns the movements. The practice is calm, but energizing. The classes are fun, and always sprinkled with lots of laughter and camaraderie!

This class is FREE. Always check before class in case of any cancellations.